Dholakpur is where Chotta Bheem lives. It is ruled by Abin Selvan.

Location and Surroundings Edit

The entire west of Dholakpur is covered by the sea. A dock is situated near the sea. In the south is a huge forest. At the end of the forest is a river starting from the sea. After the river is the huge town of Bothakpur ruled by Raja Indravarma's brother. In the north of Dholakpur are hills. A huge mountain in the hills is called Neeli Pahadi.In the northwest of Neeli Pahadi is the old town of Patalpur. In the northeast is the town of Pehalwanpur. Further north is the majical town of Solanpur which used to be ruled by Damyaan, a evil and magical snake. Situated near Solanpur is a dessert.

Known Residents Edit

Bheem lives in a small house in Dholakpur with his mom. Raju lives in a small hut with his parents. Chutki lives in a two story house with her mom, Tuntun Masi who sells ladoos in the marketplace. Jaggu lives in a treehouse near the boundary of Dholakpur.Kalia lives in a house with a low wall around it. Dholu, Bholu also live in Dholakpur. Avi Chacha is a scientist who is also a resident of Dholakpur. Raja Indravarma II is the king of Dholakpur and lives with his daughter Indumati, her nickname being Indu.

Dholakpur's economy is based on exporting textiles and food items. Dholakpur is poverty stricken village but the king enjoys a lavish lifestyle. It has never been shown that the king has done something to reform the village and introduce some basic amenities.

Buidings Edit

Some buildings in Dholakpur are the central jail, the temple, a sugar store house, the stables, the marketplace, the many houses & huts, houses for bullocks, a library, the palace & many other buildings.

Army Edit

Dholakpur's army is mostly made up of infantry troops carryings spears, swords & shields. There are also elephant troopers usually carrying maces. Also there are ground archers armed with bow & arrows. Many cannons are also used in the army. Chariots are used only for the king & princess. The commander of the army is a man with full armor & a feather on his helmet.