Kirmada is a movie villain that appeared in the third, fourth & fifth movie. He first appeared in Chhota Bheem and Krishna.


In his Human form, Kirmada wears a red cape, which he retains in his demon form.


Kirmada was a mighty and powerful king. With his large army and power, he captured all the kingdoms, except for one, and as a huge setback, he lost that one battle.

Depressed, Kirmada goes deep inside a forest. There, he performs a ritual and gives his life to the evil force. The evil force in turn turns him into a powerful demon, who knows black magic. Kirmada then becomes a permanent supporter of Evil.

With mighty powers now in hand again, Kirmada sets on his journey of becoming the greatest king of all time by capturing kingdoms in a lightning speed. His army was magical as well. If one would die, other would be raised, thanks to his black magic.

This time again, all the kingdoms surrendered in front of Kirmada. And the last Kingdom which was left was Dholakpur, where the mighty hero Bheem resided.

The battle against Dholakpur began and initially Bheem had the upper hand, but as soon as the sun set, Kirmada took control of the battle and captured the kind of Dholakpur. With this scene, Bheem surrendered. And now, Kirmada became the new king of Dholakpur.

Bheem and his friends were put in jail, where they were provided water and food once in 2 days. But they escape from there and take shelter in a forest. They pray to god, as that's the only ray of hope they can see that time.

And that's when god heard them. In child form, Lord Krishna came to rescue Bheem & Dholakpur. With the help of Lord Krishna, Bheem killed Kirmada & set Dholakpur free.

But even after being killed, Kirmada came back thrice. But Lord Krishna & Bheem never allowed Kirmada to win, thus protecting mankind & well being.