Revenge Of Ants is an episode in Chhota Bheem vol 39. In this episode, it shows how Bheem defeats ants.

Plot Edit

This episode starts with Tuntun Mausi selling ladoos. After a while an ant tries to come and steal the ladoos . She notices it and scares the ant away. Another ant sees this and relates it to the King. The King becomes furious and orders to attack tun tun's shop. Tun tun escapes and meets Kalia. He assures her that he will drive away the ants in change of a basket of ladoos. He goes in the shop & hogs the laddu. Then one ants climbs into his underwear from the front and he turns around and puts his hands in his underwear and starts scratching. Then ants jump into in his underwear from backside and start biting his butt. Kalia gets frightened and runs away. In a later episode he says that aftper reaching home he took off his pants and had a bath. Then Tuntun gets worried so chutki suggested to drown the ants. Then Bheem crosses a bridge with ants behind him & cuts the rope. All the ants fall into water.